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Established in 1986, GLOBAL MARITIME LOGISTICS SUPPORT, INC. (GML) is the leading maritime logistics provider in the Philippines and the only company with wide variety of assets. GML caters to all types of Navy and Commercial vessels, delivering cost-effective services and solutions to its clients.

GML persistently stands by its principle of “Meeting Ships from all over the World with Excellent Service”. It keeps its unflinching dedication to all its clients including the military and those in the commercial industry. It thrives in providing maritime logistics support to different navies of the world.

GML is listed by the US Army Institute of Public Health in the Worldwide Directory of Sanitarily Approved Food Establishments for US Armed Forces Procurement.

GML developed comprehensive and custom–made services that meet the requirements of the clients, such as but not limited to General Shipping Agency, Force Protection, Heavy Equipment, Power and Generators, Transportation, Travel and Tours, Crew Repatriation, Warehousing, Waste Recovery, Afloat Services, Medical and Emergency Evacuation, Humanitarian Assistance, Food Provision, Dry Stores and other maritime services that are tailored to meet specific requirements of its clients.

GML provides a complete package of LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS. It created a “One Stop Shop” for its clients to have a stress-free and smooth access to all its offered services. This is accomplished by acquiring clients’ exact objective with regard to their immediate needs.

As the preferred logistics company in the Philippines of various Navy ships and other types of vessel securing efficient and quality service, we are proud of our high standing and we are committed to uphold it.

"Our Passion to exceed Client Expectations..."

Our Company

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